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Commercial Lines Newsletters

June 2018

  • Promoting Your Business
  • Mitigating Risk
  • FBI Urges All Routers Be Rebooted Now As a Defense to a Russian  Malware Threat
  • Justin Wants You To Know: About Replacement Cost Coverage and Actual Cash Value Coverage

May 2018

  • It's Not Always About Speed
  • The RMV Driver Verification System
  • Ask Leslie: Should a Workers' Compensation Report Be Made for Just a Minor Injury?
  • Justin Wants You To Know: Why Business Insurance Is Important

April 2018

  • Spring Has Sprung
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • 7 Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business
  • Justin Wants You To Know: Ordinance or Law Compliance Coverage

March 2018

  • Stop Looking for Obstacles
  • Do You Know SWOT About Your Business?
  • When Do You Need Commerical Insurance? On DAY ONE
  • Waivers of Subrogation

February 2018

  • What's Your BEST Investment in 2018?
  • Cryptocurrency Malware Spreading Through Facebook Messenger
  • Beware! Hackers Can Access Your PINs & Passwords Using Smartphone Sensors!
  • Justin's Workers' Compensation Quick Facts

January 2018

  • The Threat of Weaponized Malware
  • A Look At Malware By Type
  • 8 Ways to Lower Employee Driving Risks
  • Justin's Insurance Fun Fact

December 2017

  • Partying Too Hardy Might Lead to a Lawsuit
  • From the McCurdy Vault: OSHA Compliance
  • The “Work You Performed” Exclusion  

November 2017

  • The 10 Most Common and Costliest Small Business Claims
  • 8 Ways To Lower Commercial Driving Risks
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should LIKE Us on Facebook

October 2017

  • Business Interruption Insurance: Does Your Business Need It?
  • Commercial Insurance Disputes: Why They Occur
  • Some Do's and Don'ts of Business Insurance
  • Words to Ponder

September 2017

  • Fill The GAPs:The Need For Drive-Other-Car Coverage
  • What's In A Name Phishing Scams
  • Some Do's and Don'ts of Business Insurance

August 2017

  • Is Your Business Prepared for a Natural Disaster?
  • Spam Scams
  • Meet Justin Bellinger

July 2017

  • What Business Interuption Policies Cover
  • Common Commercial Insurance Problems
  • Help! Send Money!


  • What's Driving Commercial Auto Insurance Costs
  • When Employees Fight: Why It Is Worth It To Discover Who Is At Fault
  • About That Request . . .

May 2017

  • BOP It! Not Just a Game Anymore
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Goin' Phishing

April 2017

  • Is Employee Engagement More Business Jargon?
  • How Safe Are Your Psswords?

March 2017

  • Reputational Risk
  • Damage From Mold. It May Or May Not Be Covered

February 2017

  • Think You May Not Be Held Liable? Think Again
  • It Can, and Just May, Happen to You
  • Insuring Your Business in the Afterlife

January 2017

  • Subrogation Action: Not As Titillating As it Sounds
  • Looking to Hire New Employees? Remember Character Is King
  • Need Sales Prospects? Tips for John Chapin

December 2016

  • The Duty to Defend: What You Need to Know 'Cause Lawyers Ain't Cheap
  • Under-performing Employees . . .  Bad for Business
  • Cyber Security: Is Your Company Protected?

November 2016

  • Do You Have Professional Liability Insurance?
  • Learning from History . . . Are You Putting Your Company At Risk?
  • Factual Scenarios: Why You Need Business Insurance

September 2016

  • Peak Hurricane Season Is Here: 5 Steps To Disaster-Proof Your Business
  • Making Good Decisions
  • Of Interest . . . Metal Theft

August 2016

  • Are Your W-2s Safe From Theft?
  • It’s About Time (Management, That is)
  • Of Interest . . . Reading Habits and Longevity

July 2016

  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Protect Your Business from Ransomware

June  2016

  • How An Employee-Vendor Scheme Cost One Employer $4.5 Million
  • How To Assess Risks & Threats to Your Organization
  • Workplace Injuries

April/ May 2016

  • Protect Your Business Against Identity Theft
  • What are the Best Healthy Snack Options For Your Office?
  • How To Grow Your Business in 2016 By John Chapin

January 2016

  • Be Prepared to Stay Safe This Winter
  • Risk Management: Preventing Fire Losses