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Hi Dennis, I wanted to thank you for the gift card you sent me for referring my daughter for renters insurance. It was a nice surprise. Emily and Rebecca are very helpful and have reduced not only my auto insurance but also my homeowners. It is always a pleasure speaking to your office, they are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Always looking out for your customers, you have a great staff! Thanks again. ~ Robin Domijan

Hi Dennis, I just wanted to take a minute to call out Emily Simons in your office. I really appreciate working with Emily, she's always quick to respond, helpful, and pleasant on top of it. I just had to buy a new car this week & she was great as always. And even the salesperson at the car dealership made a point to mention how sweet she was. So that's part of the reason why even though I'm not in the area anymore, I'm still going through you guys. In a world of lots of bad customer service, I just wanted to take a minute to pass along my words about Emily. Hope all is well. ~ Kerry Fuqua

I had been with the same insurance agency for years, carrying multiple policies, and was assured that each year I was receiving the best rate possible. I recently asked the McCurdy Group for a quote and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could save almost $500 per year on my auto policy alone! This savings is not for the same coverage as my previous policy. I now have MORE coverage with the same deductible. In addition to the significant savings, the customer service I received at the McCurdy Group was exceptional. They are a great team and put in the time needed to pass savings on to their customers.  $500 is a huge amount to save on just one policy. But over the last 15 years I have been paying that extra $500, I could have saved $7,500! I am recommending all of my family and friends contact the McCurdy Group for a quote.  It is worth taking 5 minutes out of your day. It could save you plenty! Grateful customer. ~ Kristina LeDuc