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Claims/Discounts/Billing FAQ

Could you give me some information about auto repair?

  • YOU decide who will repair the vehicle. Please make sure we have the name and phone number of the shop.
  • An adjuster from your insurance company will contact you or the Auto Body Shop to review the damage estimate (usually within 48 hours).
  • Should your accident involve injuries, make sure we receive all hospital and doctor bills so we may forward them for payment. You MUST fill out all forms sent by your Insurance Company.Page Top

Could you give me some information about homeowner claims?

  • If you have a property claim, please report it to us immediately. You MUST protect your property from further damage by making reasonable and necessary repairs. DO NOT fix completely until an adjuster has approved the repair. Keep any and all parts repaired or replaced for the adjuster to inspect.
  • After reporting the claim to us, you should hear from an adjuster within 48 hours of your reporting the claim.

What about automobile discounts?

Discounts may vary by company and criteria, but here are some general discounts that may apply:

  • MULTI-CAR (Collision and Comprehensive 5%)
  • OVER AGE 65 (25%)
  • LOW MILEAGE (10% if driven under 5,000 miles, 5% if driven under 7,500 miles)
  • ANTI-THEFT DEVICE (5% - 35% of comprehensive premium, proof of device required)
  • STEP 9 & 10 DRIVERS (UP TO 15%)Page Top

What about homeowners discounts?

You can qualify for discounts if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • AGE 49 & OVER

How are premium payments made?

Most insurance companies offer installment plans for premiums. The typical plan is:

  1. For New Business, 20% down is taken, upon renewal 10%.
  2. The balance is billed in 8 or 9 monthly installments about 20 days apart.
  3. Most companies add a service charge to the unpaid balance each month.
  4. Most companies charge a fee of $10 or more if a payment is returned for insufficient funds.Page Top

What happens if I miss a payment?

Generally, when you receive your next bill, the payment missed and the next month's payment will be added together. You should pay the total amount due. If you receive a cancellation notice, you MUST pay before the effective date of cancellation; otherwise you will be uninsured and your license plates will be revoked.

I received my new bill, and my last payment doesn't show. Why is this?

Check the billing date on your new bill and the date you mailed your payment. If the dates are close together, chances are the company didn't receive or process your payment before your new bill was issued.Page Top

Why haven't I received a bill this month?

Did you allow enough time for your last payment to reach the insurance company before the due date? It is very important to send payments on time, as late payments will suspend your normal billing cycle. Most likely, you will be double-billed the following month. If you know your payment was not late, you should call your insurance representative.

What happens when I have an auto claim?

If you have an accident with over $500 in damages, or if injuries have occurred, you must call the Police. Be sure to obtain the other driver's insurance information, address and most important - their plate number.
It is very important to report an accident as soon as possible. Make sure you give an accurate account of the incident and provide us with a correct phone number so that we can reach you promptly.Page Top